Apollo 18 Trailer

The theatrical trailer for Apollo 18 gives very little away. At first it seems to hint that the finished product will be somewhat similar to Moon, which has me very excited, and then it goes a little bit B-movie towards the end, which has me pretty excited as well to be honest. I’m easily excited you see.

Personally I love a bit of space horror, and I’ve always felt that the similarly-titled and similarly-themed Tom Hanks hit was an opportunity missed (‘Tom Hanks horror’ in general is a severely underdeveloped genre), so I’m quite looking forward to this. Even without that dependable, strange-haired rascal.

4 Comments on “Apollo 18 Trailer

  1. Its like Paranormal Activity in Space. I hope they’ll have an old Navajo Indian working in mission control to explain why the moon is so haunted.

  2. Then it turns out the Moon was an ancient Indian burial ground or something?

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