Green Lantern – new footage

New footage from the Green Lantern movie was shown at something called a WonderCon and can now be seen here. It certainly looks way better than the last footage I saw… but it still looks kinda crappy – just a little bit too much like a star war for my liking. Though I do like how this film is basically the polar opposite of Buried, Ryan Reynolds went from one extreme to another: from being shut in a box to flying around the universe with millions of cgi monsters. I guess he didn’t want to get typecast as that guy that likes to be in boxes.

I’m not much of a Green Lantern fan, and even less of a Hal Jordan fan, the hotshot airforce pilot back story seems a bit passe these days. And I am not sure how seriously it will be possible to take this film with such brightly coloured monsters but I do appreciate the way they are staying true to the comics, which is really quite a brave move considering how easy it will be to ridicule these big pink heads. On the other hand I will definitely watch it because I am a huge geek.

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