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The trailer for Tarsem Singh’s Immortals has arrived and it looks… well it looks like the sequel to 300 that the marketing guys clearly want you to think it is. There is too much slow mo, and too much posturing and shield beating, not to mention another rousing monologue about fighting (though fortunately nothing about dining in Hell). It does look a lot prettier than Zac Snyder’s film, but that is the least we should expect from the director of the excellent ‘The Fall’ and the underrated-but-unfortunately-Jennifer-Lopez-starring ‘The Cell’. I still have high hopes for the film, but can’t help feel a bit disappointed with how familiar it looks – hopefully it won’t be another 300 or Clash of the Titans and will instead be a bit more intelligent. I suspect that the trailer is just aiming for the 300 crowd and has crammed as much of that stuff in as possible, but take a look:

“I have plenty of women, I have plenty of weapons, I have moved every precious stone that people worship upon and I have a hat with golden rabbit ears”. This trailer is redeemed by the marvelous hats or ‘helmets’ to use the parlance of the times. Marvelous helmets. Also you have to wonder where he has moved the precious stones to, maybe he just moves them a couple of inches every day so people get confused with their worshiping, like Amelie would do. Oh, and the scene with the arrows is a rip-off of this scene from House of Flying Daggers, that’s not very impressive.

Oh and just because, here are the opening titles of The Fall in 720p (the second best value of p) which are probably my favourite opening titles out of all the hardly any I can think of at the moment. Woo Beethoven fuck yeah, as they say.

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