Melancholia Trailer

I’m a fan of Lars Von Trier, one of writers of the Dogme 95 film-making manifesto. Melancholia is probably not following the manifesto however as it appears to have an enourmous cgi planet about to crash into Earth. As interesting as I have found Dogme films like Dogville, I am a huge fan of cgi planets that are going to crash into things – that’s even better than just drawing lines on the floor to represent buildings as far as I am concerned.

Looks good I think – it reminds me of Gosford Park crossed with Armageddon. My only problem here is that I don’t like Kirsten Dunst (and I’m iffy about Jack Bauer) but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt – Von Trier always gets good performances out of his actors. Plus potentially she might get flattened by a planet, so… bonus.

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