The Troll Hunter set for U.S remake

So apparently work is starting on an American remake of The Troll Hunter according to JoBlo.

“There is a contract negotiation going on,” the director said enthusiastically. “But it’s taking months, just because of details in the contract. There should be an announcement within several weeks.” Based on his tone, it surprised me a little that Øvredal sounded all for this remake. As we know, some directors immediately scoff at the idea of their work being remade, especially when it’s a film that is just being released and hasn’t had a chance to connect with the audience on its own. “They have to make the announcement, but I am very proud that these people want to do the remake,” Øvredal said, referencing mysterious participants whose identities he wouldn’t divulge. “I’m very happy about it.”

I have no idea how this is going to work seeing as they don’t have trolls in America! They do like hunting though, maybe they could hunt a creature from American folklore like… a giant blue ox or Pocahontas.

American remakes, or any sort of remakes, are always a bit of a waste of time because they always remake good films from around the world or from history – like Let the Right One In or Le Diner de Cons or whatever. Why not remake BAD films, and remake them better? Surely that is far more sensible? It’s very rare that the remake is better than the original, and even successful remakes are a bit pointless when you just end up with two good versions of the same story as will inevitably happen with David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Maybe we can get a Norwegian remake of Transformers.

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