Tucker & Dale vs Evil Trailer

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a film about two lovable redneck hillbilly types who go to their holiday home cabin in the woods in order to restore it, when they get attacked by a group of college kids on spring break who have mistaken them for Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Deliverance style psychopaths. And then the college kids accidentally commit suicide one by one in front of them while a helpless Tucker and Dale try and defend themselves. The premise is fantastic and the trailer has dozens of quality jokes (although it does basically show the entirety of the film which is an obvious mistake and so watch out if you want to avoid spoilers).

Unfortunately as far as I can tell Tucker & Dale vs Evil has not been picked up for distribution in America or the UK so there isn’t an English language DVD available, just a few screenings at selected cinemas. Oddly, I think there is a Finnish and a Russian DVD out there. Hopefully it will get an English release soon, as reports are that it is very funny. It’s had great reviews at the festivals it has played at, so that is promising.

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