Your Highness Red Band Trailer

I didn’t think so much of the first trailer which mostly just showed people smoking drugs. I am sure smoking drugs can lead to funny situations but literally just a shot of someone smoking is not really a joke it’s just so stoners can say ‘dude he smokes even though he is a knight that is so awesome’ and go and watch it purely based on that. That’s what stoners are like: they don’t even need actual jokes, they just laugh at seeing a big spliff where one would not normally be.

I like Danny McBride though, Eastbound & Down is great. I also thought the banners that adverstise the film saying that it features an Oscar nominee James Franco, Oscar winner Natalie Portman and 5th Grade Class President Danny McBride were funny but I am sceptical. I just realised that the title ‘Your Highness’ is a drug reference, that’s so weak.

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