Dominion: Dinosaurs versus Aliens

I’ll admit that at first glance this film title might make you want to facepalm yourself into oblivion but on second glance (assuming you process information quickly) it turns out that it is actually the most exciting thing to ever happen. Especially if you are me. See, Dominion: Dinosaurs versus Aliens is going to be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (who did Men in Black) which is actually not so exciting, but it is going to be written by Grant Morrison who is the greatest comic book writer ever, having written The Invisibles, WE3, Doom Patrol, JLA, All-Star Superman, Final Crisis and defining Batman for the past few years. I would read anything that this guy writes, I bet even his shopping lists are awesome.

The idea is that there will first be a graphic novel, written by Morrison and illustrated by Mukesh Singh – the same partnership as the upcoming 18 Days comic, which looks utterly incredible. There is no doubt in my mind that the comic will be great but the big question is whether Barry Sonnenfeld will create a good film out of it. Morrison’s stories are usually pretty… out-there as well as complicated, and I would certainly not expect a story with mass-market appeal like Men in Black, despite the presence of dinosaurs and aliens, which does sound like it is pandering to the mainstream a bit. Although having said that, it’s not like dinosaurs are overused like, say, zombies – I for one would welcome some more big screen dinos.

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