Martha Marcy May Marlene Trailer

First of all, there is no way I will be able to remember this film’s name, nor be able to ask for it correctly when I have to buy a ticket. It looks great though – a film where the focus drifts between reality, dream and memory sounds very interesting (and sounds a bit like Mulholland Dr., one of my all time favourite films). I’ve not seen the youngest Olsen (Elizabeth) before, but it appears she can actually act which I think gives her the edge over her sisters. And John Hawkes is so great isn’t he? Sort of amiable but scary all at once – he was one of the best things about Winter’s Bone and that was a film full of good things.

“We can’t ignore the fact that her behaviour is insane.” – Hopefully this film will be popular enough that people will recognise this quote when I inevitably use it down the pub.

To be fair, my day often shifts imperceptibly between reality, dream and memory but it’s generally in a more mundane way that doesn’t involve cults and guns. It’s more like… I want a cup of tea: I have a memory of buying some milk, but the reality is that there is no milk. So I just dream about milk. This can go on for quite a long time but I am not sure they could make a film out of it.

Also, thinking about it, there is already a film called Milk.

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