Panzer 88 – King Tiger vs monster

Bloody Disgusting have some more news and a great interview about the upcoming film ‘Panzer 88’. To be honest there is not so much information about the film available save that it comes from people who worked on Hellboy and some Star Wars stuff, there are certainly no images or footage yet except for the excellent concept art – but for me this is more than enough to get excited. The plot features a German King Tiger tank that encounters some giant monster in the frozen north of Russia at the end of WWII. The monster is described as being reminiscent of the trolls or Balrog from Lord of the Rings, and the interview mentions that lots of the film will be set on a Nazi super gun (called Gustav). My mind is already racing with possibilities, although to be honest I would be excited to see a King Tiger vs just about anything. Even something boring and mundane – like a bowl of muesli or an elderly woman – but a monster is even better, especially with effects being handled by Weta Workshop.

Here is the interview

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