Zone 261 – Swedish Zombie Movie Trailer

Here’s another zombie movie, but with a twist – this time the zombies are Swedish! There are no subtitles so it is a little tricky to figure out what is going on, but I think it shows three people returning from Ikea when they are surrounded by some surprisingly organised zombies. It looks like they pick up the parts to a Flytta kitchen trolley but they don’t have the time to assemble it before the zombies are upon them. Maybe they were expecting regular, shambling zombies instead of the apparently rather speedy Swedish variety.

I like the idea of leaving a tiny tricycle in the middle of the road as trap so that a zombie might step on it and go flying, but I think in this situation they really needed something more ambitious like lots of marbles or paint cans on ropes.

The trailer has a nice ‘Left 4 Dead’ feel to it (I assume they meet the tie-wearing accountant later on) although I do worry that our zombie needs are satisfied by ‘The Walking Dead’. Zombies, vampires and werewolves are getting a bit familiar, maybe it’s time for another supernatural monster… how about golems, there are no films about them. Or a cockatrice! I would watch the hell out of a Swedish cockatrice movie.

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