A Dangerous Method Trailer

A new David Cronenberg film starring Michael ‘Irish when he’s angry’ Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel sounds like the best news ever. Even the fact it has Keira Knightley in it isn’t enough to put me off. It’s about psychoanalysts with Fassbender playing Carl Jung while an unusually groomed Mortensen plays Sigmund Freud (famous for slipping over), which… OK well that sounds just a smidge boring but let’s take a look:

Hmm, not a single mutant power or Nazi explosion. Not once did anyone escape from post-apocalypse cannibals or slay a Ringwraith or hunt a mythical French beast. No-one even seemed bothered about being some sort of crime lord. I’ve got to admit I expected more from these actors, it’s probably Keira Knightley’s influence making everything boring. Still, as it is a Cronenberg film I’ll give it a chance I guess, perhaps someone will make a gun that fires teeth or become some sort of bug-man. Let’s hope.

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