General Orders No.9 Trailer

I was immediately drawn to this film by the creepy image of a rabbit smoking a pipe which is available to buy as a poster – I was willing the trailer to be good so I could get one. Rabbits are undeniably sinister and are classic movie villains in films from Donnie Darko to Inland Empire and, erm, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Pipe smoking rabbits are the most villainous of all: I was immediately imagining a film where the shadowy rabbit General gave his diabolical orders.

So it doesn’t look like this is about murderous rabbits. It does look rather lovely though, like a series of posh desktop wallpapers brought magically to life somehow. It’s a documentary about the loss of the natural environment to urbanism in the Mississippi area which is a subject I feel has been done to death, but maybe there is room for yet another film on the matter: at least it isn’t zombies. Hmm apparently I know a mnemonic device to help me spell Mississippi, that’s the first time that’s ever been helpful.

If anyone has any idea why the evil rabbit has a pipe and what that has to do with this film, please let me know.

2 Comments on “General Orders No.9 Trailer

  1. the rabbit is smarter than the jaguar, that’s why the rabbit will survive. that’s why he can relax, that’s why hes smoking a pipe. old Cherokee thing.

  2. Well, at least the jaguar won’t get lung cancer. Thanks for the info.

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