Hardkor 44 – Steampunk Nazis

It’s Nazi day here at Zero Credibility. Except… not as horrific as that sounds. Actually it’s just that I have some more film news featuring history’s greatest rotters: the nefarious Nazis. This time it’s the story of the Warsaw uprising except the Nazis have been steampunk’d and are apparently a cross between Terminators and the clockwork Nazi from ‘Hellboy’. I honestly don’t know which type of Nazi is best: Steampunk Nazis or Space Nazis. The film is being made by Tomek Baginski who is an Oscar nominated Polish artist and animator and will apparently be stylistically similar to ‘Sin City’ or ‘300’ using CGI environments and possibly even CGI actors like those in ‘Beowulf’.

There is no footage or stills from the film yet, but the concept art is really quite impressive:

Concept art here

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