Killer Elite Trailer

Jason Statham vs Clive Owen. That’s what they should have called the film. I like how there is no real pretence of having a plot – just that they decide they want to fight each other, so they then proceed to fight each other with guns. “This guy is good” muses mustachioed Clive Owen. “You have no idea” smirks some woman. Good at what though? Just generally running and jumping and shooting and fighting? He’s the BEST at running and jumping and shooting and fighting. But I suspect Clive has also been practising.

Just for once I’d like to see a mortal fight-to-the-death blood feud that can only be resolved with violence starring two people who aren’t “good”, who can barely run without tripping over, who can’t jump without grunting with exertion, who close their eyes when they shoot guns and who just slap at each other and cry, maybe played by Michael Cera and David Hyde Pierce. “This guy is shit” muses mustachioed David Hyde Pierce.

Jason Statham doesn’t really enunciate, just breaths heavily through gritted teeth. Took me a few plays to figure out what his first lines were: “war isn’t over till both sides say it is” I think.

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