Mr Spock vs The Dude

I don’t really keep up with popular musics, but I do keep up with Big Lebowski news, and it looks like the new music video from whatever-the-fuck a Bruno Mars is has a Big Lebowski theme. In fact it has Leonard Nimoy – famous for playing Dr. Spock, a Klingon from ‘Star Wars’ and, more importantly, for voicing Galvatron in ‘The Transformers: The Movie’ – doing an impression of his dudeness… well, it’s close enough.

Unfortunately, as the dude would say “I hate the fucking Eagles and Bruno Mars, man” so you have to mute the actual song which probably isn’t what Bruno had intended. But then if he didn’t want to get muted he shouldn’t make such lame music, seems obvious to me. Anyway don’t worry, I have included a second video here. Play both at the same time, and mute the first one. Problem solved!

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