The Human Centipede 2 banned in the UK

I didn’t watch the first Human Centipede, not because I was scared, just because I have better things to do with my time… like post things on the internet! I have to admit though I did find the idea pretty unappealing: a Pixar film about an lovable animated anthropomorphic centipede going round acting like a human, possibly voiced by David Hyde Pierce, and possibly with a tiny top hat on, really didn’t sound like my cup of Earl Grey. At least I assume that’s what it was about.

Anyway, The Human Centipede 2 has been banned by the BBFC in the UK, making it the eight film ever to be banned in this way (Murder Set Pieces, Grotesque, The Texas Vibrator Massacre, Lost in the Hood, My Daughter’s a Cocksucker, Struggle in Bondage and NF713 are the others, all of which sound adorable). Empire have more info:

“The first film dealt with a mad doctor who sews together three kidnapped people in order to produce the ‘human centipede’ of the title. Although the concept of the film was undoubtedly tasteless and disgusting it was a relatively traditional and conventional horror film and the Board concluded that it was not in breach of our Guidelines at ‘18’. This new work, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), tells the story of a man who becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD recording of the first film and who imagines putting the ‘centipede’ idea into practice. Unlike the first film, the sequel presents graphic images of sexual violence, forced defecation, and mutilation, and the viewer is invited to witness events from the perspective of the protagonist. Whereas in the first film the ‘centipede’ idea is presented as a revolting medical experiment, with the focus on whether the victims will be able to escape, this sequel presents the ‘centipede’ idea as the object of the protagonist’s depraved sexual fantasy.

The principal focus of The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is the sexual arousal of the central character at both the idea and the spectacle of the total degradation, humiliation, mutilation, torture, and murder of his naked victims. Examples of this include a scene early in the film in which he masturbates whilst he watches a DVD of the original Human Centipede film, with sandpaper wrapped around his penis, and a sequence later in the film in which he becomes aroused at the sight of the members of the ‘centipede’ being forced to defecate into one another’s mouths, culminating in sight of the man wrapping barbed wire around his penis and raping the woman at the rear of the ‘centipede’. There is little attempt to portray any of the victims in the film as anything other than objects to be brutalised, degraded and mutilated for the amusement and arousal of the central character, as well as for the pleasure of the audience. There is a strong focus throughout on the link between sexual arousal and sexual violence and a clear association between pain, perversity and sexual pleasure. It is the Board’s conclusion that the explicit presentation of the central character’s obsessive sexually violent fantasies is in breach of its Classification Guidelines and poses a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers.”

Wow, that doesn’t sound like a Pixar film AT ALL.

Despite the horrible premise, the first Human Centipede was considered by some to be quite mild in terms of what it showed, so the sequel certainly sounds like a step up in that regard. Not even A Serbian Film was banned outright, which is strange considering that the main problem the BBFC seems to have is the sexual violence. And A Serbian Film had oodles of that. I think this will certainly be good advertising in the States where it isn’t banned, although maybe Americans just assume Brits all have delicate sensibilities anyway. Personally, I don’t like that the BBFC has decided for me on this – it should be my decision if I want to watch Human Centipedes or Vibrator Massacres, not anyone else’s. What sort of a country is this if we can’t even watch someone rape a freakish centipede with barbed wire? It’s political correctness gone mad.

I strongly suspect the film will be rubbish, but what if it isn’t? What if the dude masturbating with sandpaper is a modern day classic scene up there with anything Scorsese or Lynch ever directed?

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