Sean Bean is to play Snow White

Sean Bean – pictured here in his casual wear – is in talks to play Snow White in Tarsem Singh’s upcoming film about Snow White and dwarves and… apples and mirrors and whatever it is about. Hold on I’ve got the quote here:

Sean Bean […] is in final negotiations to play […] Snow White

So says the Hollywood Reporter though I have to admit I really just skimmed the article. Read on for more ‘info’.

This is a break from the usual sort of role that Sean Bean goes for where he plays a gruff Northern man in medieval clothing, but I am pleased to see him mixing things up a bit. The thing is, I’m not saying that Sean Bean is ugly but I think if he came up as the answer to the question ‘who is the fairest in all the land’ you’d really have to consider taking your magical mirror back to the shop. Still I have faith in Tarsem Singh even if the trailer for ‘Immortals’ has left me a little concerned.

Sean Bean is obviously a pro at dealing with dwarves and all manner of other mythical creatures so I am sure he will be perfectly at home, and with this and his starring role in the second series of Game of Thrones (I’ve still not finished watching series 1) he looks set to have plenty of work in the future. Which is good. Plus we can always use more remakes of Disney films, hopefully Singh will do The Little Mermaid next, that octopus woman freaks me out.

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