Conan The Barbarian Remixed Trailer

This is a remixed fan-made trailer for the new Conan film starring Jason Momoa. I think it pretty much improves on the real trailer in every way seeing as it is all blood, sex, violence and metal. It’s NSFW.

It’s hard to guess if the film is going to be all that but I am not so dismissive of it as I used to be. The truth is, even though the Arnie film was a classic, this new version is aiming to be closer to the spirit of the books, and some of the promotional material – especially the Frank Frazetta inspired posters – have been pretty good. I am really unsure about Rose McGowan in well, anything, but Ron Pearlman is always good and Jason Momoa impressed the hell out of me in Game of Thrones. So, cautious optimism and this trailer helps.

Oh and here is my attempt at a Conan movie poster for a recent Empire Magazine competition.

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