Twixt Trailer

Twixt is Francis Ford Coppola’s new horror film featuring the vast face of Val Kilmer, a horror writer who discovers he has some connection with some serial killings in a small town. So far, so Stephen King. But this trailer is simply bizarre and at points it seems more like a Wes Anderson comedy, played for awkward laughs rather than suspense. And then there is the digital video quality which gives the whole thing a cheap made-for-TV feel: it looks like Twin Peaks crossed with Murder She Wrote. And even stranger is the news that some of it will be in 3D because apparently we really need to see Val Kilmer’s astronomical visage in additional terrifying dimensions, drifting portentously across the screen like a lunar eclipse with a ponytail.

So, a real oddity but not one to discount out of hand. Francis Ford Coppola has what you might call a ‘quite good’ track record with making movies. I hope it is a spiritual successor to the oddness of Twin Peaks and not a second rate Stephen King ghost story.

(I just noticed that there is a scene where the moon has a face in the trailer, maybe the visual effects guy had the same thoughts I did about Val’s MASSIVE face).

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