Prometheus Trailer

I am guilty of not paying much attention to Prometheus, the new Alien prequel from Ridley Scott starring all sorts of cool people like Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, The Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. I had not really recognised it’s existence because it has some wonky name instead of just being called Aliens: Zero or Aliens: Prometheous or just something to remind me why I should be interested – I love Aliens! The trailer features some lovely wide shots of a desolate planet (pictured) as well as some things falling over or exploding. I assume there will be aliens and I assume the Fassbender will be especially susceptible to facehuggers because of how his chiseled features provide extra purchase for their murderous little legs.

Ah good, there’s the tension tuba, I was worried it had been forgotten now that Christopher Nolan doesn’t love it any more. Tuba players around the world can breath a collective (presumably enormous) sigh of relief. On second thoughts maybe that’s some sort of stringed instrument. Still the point is: it goes blaart.

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