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I’ve already mentioned how I think the original Berserk series is one of the best animes around, in fact it’s one of the few I really like at all, and I was a little surprised to hear that there were plans to remake it. It’s not as odd a decision as it might first seem though as the new version is aiming to stay much more faithful to the manga comics. While the original series missed out a lot of key plot points and characters which meant that it would have been difficult to continue with the story, this new version is going to try and cover the complete Berserk storyline – an epic spanning 22 years of comics.

I think it looks great (and it’s good to hear some snippets of Susumu Hirasawa’s new score), though the thing about Berserk is that it is so much more impressive than it appears on first inspection. While it might initially appear to contain some tired anime character designs and tropes, like Griffiths, the delicate but lethal white-haired knight, it is full of surprises and twists and has much more depth than more typical anime affairs. In fact, I would argue that the reason it establishes a lot of these apparent genre cliches is so that they can be shattered later on – a similar trick to the one Game of Thrones pulled.

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  1. I was SO excited for this movie. I just watched it and it was not nearly as good as the series. Sure it looks pretty, but I almost prefer the look and character designs in the series more. The characters are SO strong in the series because they have the time to invest in that sort of thing, whereas the movie just shows the characters going through a few key plot points, but barely covers any of their relationships or motivations. If I hadn’t seen the series… I’m not sure I would even understand the movie very well.

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