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Gyo (which I think translates as Fish) is an anime film about sharks with legs. And fish with legs. Possibly zombie fish with legs, I’m not sure. The trailer is not translated and I haven’t read the manga so I don’t entirely know what is going on but I do know that I must see it because it looks pretty original and has a lot of potential to creep me the hell out. I have a fear of whales in particular and giant sea creatures in general, which is a fear that doesn’t really affect my day-to-day existence as long as I don’t watch nature documentaries, and even then it’s not so bad because I know the whales can’t get me from inside the TV and anyway David Attenborough would protect me.

So it looks like the creator of the manga (Junji Ito) has found a way to tap into this perfectly rational fear of sea creatures by giving them mechanical legs (for some reason). I’m not so phased by sharks but it looks like there will be other fishy fiends making an appearance like the octopus with it’s anime-friendly tentacles, and I’m betting that’s a whale looming ominously overhead at 3.50. A quick google reveals that this film will be based on first part of the manga, with things getting more Lovecraftian (Lovecrafty? Lovecraftish?) in later parts. Some of the manga artwork is pretty disturbing, looks like I ought to read it.

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  1. Well having now read the manga I can safely say that this is far less hilarious and far more horrific than I had initially thought. It’s true that decomposing fish with metal spider legs are already a pretty gross idea, but the things that happen in the second half of the manga really take it to another level. And sure, it all gets pretty ridiculous (ok, even more ridiculous) but it’s also deeply revolting.

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