Cloud Atlas Trailer

My first thought on hearing about this film the other day was ‘Clown atlas, wtf is a Clown Atlas?’ Shortly followed by ‘oh Cloud Atlas… that’s hardly any better.’ This film has snuck up on me, like a sneaky million dollar, star-packed leviathan and so I have to admit I have no idea what it’s all about. Hopefully this trailer will explain what exactly a Cloud Atlas is, let’s watch shall we?

Sooo… not exactly super clear, time to google. Cloud Atlas is based on a book by David Mitchell (more googling, no not Mark from Peep Show, dammit) and is a series of intertwining short stories set in different time periods that all link together and often star the ultra-affable Tom Hanks. One story apparently involves a ship, one involves the 70s, one includes a wierdo in a top hat and some of the stories are set in the future, where the Wackowski Brothers (more googling… OK the Wackowski brother and sister now I guess) will undoubtedly include lots of Matrix style gun battles. Sounds fun.

The Wackowskis are clearly going all out for our money here, pulling out all the stops by combining Tom Hanks; The Matrix; Jim Broadbent Acting Befuddled; Tom Hanks again; M83; General Love and Romance Stuff and Century Gothic in a determined effort to appeal to our love for melodrama. Everyone enjoys a love story, let’s see how many we can cram into one film! Obviously being a man I’ll just watch it for the explosions.

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