Arnie’s new film with Jee-woon Kim

Bizarre movie news here – Arnie has signed up to star in ‘The Last Stand’, a film that will be directed by Jee-woon Kim who is a Korean director that most recently made the gory revenge and torture thriller I Saw the Devil and who has made some of my favourite films including the amazing A Tale of Two Sisters and The Good, the Bad, the Weird.

I’m a huge fan and am more excited by the news of the director’s next project than the news of it being Arnie’s big return to starring roles but Arnie has made a great choice here – and though I can’t quite see him in the suave, well groomed, black-suited kung-fu killer role that tends to be a hallmark of Kim’s films I am looking forward to seeing just what is done with him. I’m hoping for a bloody and stylish movie – the synopsis sounds promising: a small town sheriff has to prevent a drug cartel leader from reaching Mexico. I can see Arnie in quite a Clint Eastwood type role as a small town sheriff, I’m not sure about him as a drug cartel leader.

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