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So apparently there is a Berserk film coming out in January 2012 ‘Berserk: Golden Age: Egg of the Supreme King’ – the first of many – and nobody told me! Berserk is a manga that has been ongoing since 1990 and was partially adapted into an anime TV series in 1997. Both the manga and the TV series are excellent, even as someone who doesn’t really get on with the whole manga/anime thing I totally loved them -along with Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and Akira they are the only animes/mangas I have ever liked enough to unreservedly recommend (though I am pretty sure I am missing out on some good ones).

The TV series covered only the first story arc while the upcoming films aim to cover all the story arcs of the manga epic. Written and drawn by one guy: Kentaro Miura, the manga has now sold over 29 million volumes and the artwork is so visceral and detailed it is not hard to see why. The story is very dark, gritty fantasy/horror that is perhaps reminiscent of Game of Thrones or Conan the Barbarian by way of HP Lovecraft.

Here’s the new trailer:

I can’t read the Japanese website but the thing I most want to know is whether Susumu Hirasawa is doing the music again. I still listen to the Berserk OST frequently along with his other stuff. I’ve included my favourite track here:

PS – Yes I know ‘Egg of the Supreme King’ is a bit of an odd title.

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  1. Ah I hear that Susumu Hirasawa is indeed doing music for the new Berserk. Hooray!

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