The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises trailer is here and it’s obviously very cool because, well, it’s Batman. But it is also maybe a little bit discombobulating.

I have to admit I found it quite hard to get the message/story of the trailer, it looks like Bane appears during a football game, Alfred breaks up with Bruce, Gordon is fired and then Catwoman threatens Bruce. Then maybe Bane robs everyone with a gang of criminals and fights Batman? It just lacks a bit of impact compared to all of Nolan’s previous trailers. I still think Bane seems to lack any real gravitas: it does seem like all he does is walk around wearing a Del Boy coat before saying something that I had to listen to 3 times before I understood it. And he looks a bit short, I thought they might use some Tom Cruisery to make him appear taller. Here’s what I don’t get though – why hire an awesome actor like Tom Hardy and then muffle him, have him do a weird voice and hide his face? It seems like they could have gone with a bigger guy playing Bane if they were just going to do that. I suspect it will all work out OK in the film, but that’s my concern at the moment. Well, that and the American football game, no sports for me thanks.

And just where was the Blaaaart! Blaaaart! Blaaaart! Tension tuba? I don’t recognise trailers without it anymore.

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