Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer

Woo 3D! I hope they do a bit where something flies out of the screen, I’d certainly pay extra just to experience something like that! I’d put up with wearing glasses that restrict your field of vision if they could promise that sort of thing. I would even put up with the rest of the film being blurry and dark! Gosh I love 3D.

So the new trailer for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. I guess they didn’t call it Silent Hill 2 because that would be confusing as this is really a film adaptation of the Silent Hill 3 game, the second best game in the series. I’m a Silent Hill fan and would consider it the greatest horror story of all time, despite the fact that most recent iterations have been rubbish. Silent Hill 2 was by far the best though and so it is a strange choice to skip over that one, maybe it is too dark for the sort of film they had in mind (although Silent Hill 3 does involve a rather disturbing birth sequence). I would not expect the film to be very faithful to the game though judging solely on the trailer – there are a number of inconsistencies already visible. Why is Alessa in this one? What is that spider mannequin meant to be? Why is Pyramid Head there and why is he riding a merry go round like a happy idiot? Don’t you know that Pyramid Head is a manifestation of James Sunderland’s sexual frustration, guilt and subconscious desire to be punished? Why not do it properly! Not to mention that how can there even be a sequel to the first film when the end was pretty definitive? Why… (breaks off into incoherent ranting and whining).

Adelaide Clemens really looks quite accurate for Heather, though she looks exactly like Michelle Williams no? Not sure we need both, just one or the other: give some different looking faces a chance to make it in Hollywood. And it stars both John Snow and Ned Stark, I expect Pyramid Head will turn out to be Sansa. I really can’t stand John Snow and refuse to learn his real name – stop looking slightly puzzled and/or worried by everything! Try some other expressions! It’s no wonder he doesn’t have a mother, probably she just doesn’t love him and Ned drew the short straw so had to raise him. You know you are some sort of goon when you make Sam Tarly seem almost likeable in comparison and he’s a mewling moon-faced twerp, snivelling around the place like a rotund Gollum.

At least they have the right music by Akira Yamaoka there at the start, and I enjoyed the first film more than I should have done, so I won’t write this off just yet. Maybe I just love Pyramid Head too much, the big murdery, rapey goon.

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