Judge Minty Fan Film

This is a 30 minute fan-made film set in the Judge Dredd/2000AD universe starring Judge Minty. Judge Minty is a minor character in the comics – an ageing judge that takes the ‘Long Walk’, a retirement plan of sorts. Obviously it’s a fan film and there are some things it can’t do quite as well as films with a much bigger budget, but it still manages to impress – for example, that Mega-City One is pretty convincing, and Judge Minty (Edmund Dehn) is well acted.

I missed seeing this at the London Super Comic Con (although I did go to the 2000AD panel). At the panel they said it was extremely unlikely there would be a sequel to Dredd (the Karl Urban version) but considering how well that has done on DVD/Blu-ray and how much support there seems to be from fans, perhaps there is hope after all.

And a bonus, here is some music inspired by Mega-City One

I’m all for more of this Vangelis inspired stuff although personally I prefer the amazing soundtrack to Dredd.

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    • I don’t think so, but you can watch the whole thing online

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