Hannibal the TV Show

To be honest I am not a big fan of Silence of the Lambs, nor the sequels and prequels that followed. I like a good serial killer as much as the next guy, and I have a soft spot for cannibals, but I am just not much of an Anthony Hopkins fan. Although there were elements I liked about the films, a TV series based on the same character was not something that sat very highly on my list of priorities. And having recently watched The Following – a show about a pantomime serial killer being pursued by a bunch of fucking morons – I was not really in the mood for any more serial killer/police procedural shenanigans. But a couple of things caught my interest about Hannibal:

First up, it has Mads Mikkelson in it instead of Anthony Hopkins. I don’t hate Anthony Hopkins by any means, he just isn’t to my particular taste, but Mads is exactly to my tastes. (And as we are talking about tastes and cannibals, I guess Mads is a prime cut of brain while Anthony is some sort of testicle stew). Mads is the best serial killer I can conceive of, and his little twitching smiles and cold dead eyes are just brilliant.

The other thing that caught my attention is, wow, this show looks amazing. It has a dash of David Lynch in the recipe. It reminds me more of Carnivale than something like Dexter or a police procedural. It is a million miles away from The Following.

I’ve only seen a few episodes so far but if my hyperbole hasn’t inspired you to have a look, I would suggest trying this (fan made) trailer. It has a few minor spoilers from the first couple of episodes but if you probably wouldn’t watch it otherwise, I think it is a fair trade off:

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