About Zero Credibility

Zero Credibility is a website about films, primarily focusing on slightly more obscure or geeky films and generally ignoring the latest blockbusters and things that just generally look a bit trashy. Hopefully the site can inspire people to watch something they wouldn’t otherwise or something they hadn’t heard of. In addition, the site has some irreverent discussions and feature articles as well as trailers and movie news for whatever we think looks interesting. Basically it’s things that we want to talk about or bring attention to, but then we do have absolutely zero credibility:

Jake Ozga

Jake is a graphic designer from England who has always been interested in talking nonsense about films but has never found anyone that wanted to listen. Although, with no real qualifications in the mystical arts of media studies and a sometimes childlike grasp of grammar it is possibly confusing as to why anyone should want to pay attention to his opinions. But then, if you can’t rant semi-coherently on the internet, where can you? Jake subsists almost entirely on wasabi peas and his main hobby is Batman.

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